Showing images in a comparison contrast role is an excellent way to increase the visual impact of presentation messages. 

PowerPoint presentation picture role comparison contrast

The cutting example shown here demonstrates the use of images in a comparison contrast role. We love this role because it clearly gives the brain a chance to process one situation vs. another. Pictures used this way might indeed show what not to do and what to do, or they might represent a before and after scenario, or where things are currently and where you’d like them to be in the future. Sometimes they are purely a comparison between two different objects or situations with neither necessarily being preferable to the other.

Comparison Contrast 2An example I often use in live workshop sessions depicts what my house used to look like when first purchased. It was all white inside and looked OK. It had good bones, so to speak.

PowerPoint presentation picture role comparison contrastBut after literally 30 different colors of paint, it turned into this other view.

Just about every time someone says, “You know, our house kind of looks like that first picture you showed and we’re thinking about redecorating. Can you send me that second picture so we can try to do something like that. Comparison contrast images can be really effective at getting people thinking in alternative directions.

PowerPoint presentation picture role comparison contrastThe effect can be set like I just did, with one image fully covering a slide, followed by a second image on the next slide.

Or you can place the contrast on a single slide like Dr. Swenda’s example here. He is a cosmetic dentist and has hundreds of before and after scenarios showing a patient’s teeth before treatment and after treatment. He fades in the second image for effect and then leaves the two side by side so that views can go back and forth between them to scrutinize the differences. Very effective.