• Look inside visual language book series 3 Color and DesignAspire visual language book series book 1 Design and Color

    Book 3: Design and Color

    The Design and Color book turns attention to visual content creation beyond mere use of pictures on slides. You'll learn about using PowerPoint shapes in a design context for decoration, visual cues, navigation buttons, organization, and even content creation. And you'll explore the use of colors in your future presentation platform and how to prioritize which content components deserve the most time and resources.
  • Look inside visual language book series 4 Presentation PlatformsAspire visual language book series book 1 Presentation Platforms

    Book 4: Presentation Platforms

    The Presentation Platform book shows you how to use Aspire's three design templates to quickly build a powerful and versatile presentation platform structure. Or, follow the book instructions to build these templates from scratch if not purchased. You'll end up with a Main Show filled with dashboards that link out to all your content shows and give you dynamic access to any topic at any moment.
  • visual language book inside screenshot smallAspire visual language book series

    Visual Language Book Series


    This 5-part book series is your ultimate resource for learning professional and flexible presentation design techniques. Colorful, fully illustrated pages cover everything from beginner PowerPoint skills all the way up to advanced visual/media integration and navigation strategies.

    Reading formats available: Interactive PDF and Physical copy (print on-demand).


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