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Book 2: Pictures and Graphics


The Pictures and Graphics book discusses all aspects of working with pictures to form compelling visual content and formatting them in various ways to create decoration, navigation buttons, and stories.

Product Description

Pictures and Graphics

The second book ventures into visual strategies you’ll learn nowhere else. It begins with a more in-depth explanation of how PowerPoint handles pictures and best practices for using them in your slide shows. It then goes on to discuss the strategic use of pictures for enhancing message impact. You’ll learn important photography techniques for assembling your own pictures and suggestions for where to find pictures other people have taken.

You’ll also be immersed in two vital concepts called image roles and picture stories. Image roles are what pictures do for you. If pictures on slides are not performing these helpful roles, they are worthless. A picture story is a series of quality pictures that enhance the expression of ideas. Using both of these concepts in your upcoming talks is enormously important. This book covers:

  • Understanding picture technical details
  • Picture best practices for presentation
  • Formatting pictures and graphics
  • Where to find pictures
  • Photography techniques for taking your own
  • Understanding image roles
  • Combining image roles to make captivating picture stories
  • Examples of using pictures strategically in a visual communication context

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