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Book 4: Presentation Platforms


The Presentation Platform book shows you how to use Aspire's three design templates to quickly build a powerful and versatile presentation platform structure. Or, follow the book instructions to build these templates from scratch if not purchased. You'll end up with a Main Show filled with dashboards that link out to all your content shows and give you dynamic access to any topic at any moment.

Product Description

Presentation Platforms

The first three books focus on PowerPoint skills and using the software to build various forms of meaningful visual content. Book 4 moves in a new direction, showing how to craft navigation strategies that provide fast, convenient, on-demand access to that visual content. Here you’ll expand public speaking expertise and design knowledge to build what’s called a presentation platform. A presentation platform is a collection of all your speaking materials, tied together via hyperlinks.

You’ll use it while speaking to dynamically display messages in much the same way as navigating around inside a large website. Book 4 provides all the steps for building this platform from scratch but you might also wish to save time by purchasing these components as Aspire’s pre-built PowerPoint templates. Subjects include:

  • Seeing PowerPoint presentations in a different way
  • Building internal navigation
  • Working with external navigation
  • Understanding presentation platforms
  • Creating the platform’s supporting structure
  • Building the Main, New, and Pattern template shows
  • Using the template shows
  • Organization and prioritization tips
  • Maximizing dynamic delivery


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