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Book 5: Media and Animations


The Media and Animations book, the last in the series, rounds out your mastery of visual communication with a focus on adding video, animations, PDF documents, Web links, and audio to your growing presentation platform. You'll build dashboards for each content types. Including such advanced visual content can greatly increase the professionalism and effectiveness of your talks.

Product Description

Media and Animations

Book 5 returns to building visual content, but this time at a more advanced level. You’ll learn to work with video in a visual language context and add a video dashboard to your new presentation platform. Next you’ll add a PDF dashboard, a website dashboard, and eventually an audio dashboard. A majority of book 5 focuses on PowerPoint’s animation functionalities because learning how to animate visual content greatly increases creative potential.

We’ll work with clever devices known as “triggers” for firing off specific animations on demand. Then attention turns toward motion paths for moving pieces of content around on the Slide Pane. You’ll even build an animated style of navigation for hiding navigation bars from view. After completing this book, your skills will be at their highest peak. Topics covered include:

  • Learning video technical details
  • Working with video in PowerPoint
  • Building a video dashboard in your platform
  • Video best practices
  • Problem solving video (when it doesn’t work)
  • Linking to PDF documents and websites
  • Understanding and working with animations
  • Building trigger animations
  • Building motion path animations
  • Inserting and working with audio


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