• Main Show Template Using Hyperlinks to Make PowerPoint Presentations More Dynamic
  • New Show Template Using Hyperlinks to Make PowerPoint Slide Shows More Interactive
  • Pattern Show Template Using Hyperlinks to Make PowerPoint Content More Flexible

Visual Language Template Package


These three templates help you create a dynamic and versatile presentation platform that stores all your presentation topics and makes them quickly available for random selection when needed. The templates also help you build new content shows with consistent coloring, branding elements and navigation elements. They even store important design patterns you'll likely use again and again in the future.

Product Description

Aspire’s visual language PowerPoint templates do most of the initial work of creating a presentation platform for you. They save time, resources, and frustration. You’ll put them to practical use right away. The templates come in either of two widths: standard or widescreen.

The MAIN SHOW template morphs into a slide show that holds all your dashboards. It’s like a super-powerful website homepage. From this single convenient location you’ll instantly jump out to potentially hundreds of other slide shows. It’s the most versatile and important speaking tool you’ll ever make.

The NEW SHOW template gets its name from the fact that you’ll start with this template every time a new piece of visual content is added to your collection. It’s essentially a blank slide show that has special formatting and navigation added. All you have to do is embellish slides with visual displays and link the show into your presentation platform.

The PATTERN SHOW template is different from the others in the sense that audiences never see it. This show holds all the design elements you might wish to reference quickly for future content. It’s a convenient central repository for font definitions, colors, shapes, formatting, symbols, special effects, positioning, navigation styles, and more.


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