Visual Language Workshop:

Condensed Level 1

North Indiana/Chicago Area

June 12-13, 2017

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About the
Visual Language Workshop: Level 1

North Indiana/Chicago Area

Dates: 2 days, June 12-13, 2017

Registration Fee: $249 per person

Registration Deadline: June 1, 2017

What You’ll Learn

This is a very hands-on and practical course that helps you convert standard, linear, bullet-point-filled, boring PowerPoint slide shows into engaging, flexible, and memorable visual content. You’ll learn to show what you say in the moment, making interactions with audiences even better. This action-packed three-day course immerses you in critical PowerPoint and communication skills that dramatically improve the impact and memorability of slides. You’ll become a master at working with pictures, shapes, hyperlinks, navigation strategies, and more.

The ultimate goal is building a powerful communication tool called a presentation platform. A presentation platform is a collection of all your speaking topics divided into small pieces and linked together via dashboards—kind of like a large website, but built completely in PowerPoint.

This flexible presentation tool allows you to navigate around between individual topics while speaking, so that anything is available for display at any time, in any order. It gives you total control over content, and allows skipping less important topics if time is running out, or jumping out to needed slides while answering questions.

You’ll also learn vital photography skills for taking content pictures and making pictures stories that mesmerize viewers. You’ll even explore strategies for using PowerPoint as a graphic design builder, helping you craft expressive visuals and content graphics.

download the agenda

download the agenda

Along with personalized training, you’ll also receive Aspire’s new template package that greatly simplifies the process of making presentation platforms. This $159 value is yours at no additional cost with registration. Plus you’ll get a complementary copy of the new Visual Language Book Series ($99 value) that documents everything covered during the three days of training. The book series and templates will be placed on your computer during the first day of training, but you’ll download and review book 1 of the series (PowerPoint Mastery) in advance, as a way of brushing up on key PowerPoint skills before the training starts.

Approximately a month after the workshop concludes, we’ll meet again via webinar so that everyone can show off what they’ve accomplished and ask any addition questions that have arisen during the interim. This follow-up assistance is a vital part of the learning process because it encourages putting the lessons into practice right away.

You should come with a reasonably good understanding of how to use PowerPoint before attending this event. However if you are new to the software, that’s okay too. Book 1 of the Visual Language Book Series provides all the core skills you’ll need to be a power-user by the time of arrival.

Also be sure to bring your computer, preferably a PC laptop. A Mac laptop works okay, too, if you are running PowerPoint 2016 or higher. However, be aware that there is a difference in how the navigation strategies you’ll be learning work on a PC verses a Mac. Mac users must take a slightly different approach. It’s not a huge deal but I think you’ll have a better experience with a PC—if that’s an option.

Be sure to bring an external mouse, as well, along with all current and past PowerPoint shows, and all your pictures and media. Oh, and absolutely bring your camera.

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance with any needs at 520-629-0282.